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Negative Impacts of Video Game Consoles Essays

Negative Impacts of Video Game Consoles Essays Negative Impacts of Video Game Consoles Essay Negative Impacts of Video Game Consoles Essay The biggest challenges of video game consoled not only come from the competition between consoles developers but also from statistics revealing the facts that violent are the results of television and video games. Several researches indicated that effects of playing violent games are weaker than viewing violent television. The arguments are based on several assumptions: First, realism is important to increase the extent of influence posed by a media. Children are more likely to be influenced by video games and imitate aggressive acts if violence is depicted more realistically. Because video games tend to have poorer quality of graphics, some people expect them to have less impact on children aggression. Second, violent actions that are easier to imitate will impose more influence to children. Some of the violent actions in the video games –like shooting spaceships, shooting incoming missiles, etc. The fall of Sega gives us a lesson about the importance of marketing research in order to determine the market demands while minimizing the potential threats that might disarm a product’s strength. In the case of Sega, the failure occurred due to the persistence of marketing research department to force production department to develop CD-based video game consoles. It turns out consumers were not used to using it. The history of successful video games consoles can be separated with famous games that accompanied them. Nintendo, for example, once won the market when introduced Super Mario Brothers, which become a famous game. Therefore, in the fiture, video games manufacturers should conduct win-win patnership win contents/games developer. One of famous games developers is Electronic Arts that have produced several legendary games such as FIFA, NBA, and many sports-related games (Gamingredients Playphoria, 2005). Conclusion Television and video games have important roles in today’s societies since they inform us about the recent news happened in other part of the world and become media for people to relax themselves by playing games. Several months ago, the facts that many people were in line at midnight to buy the new Microsoft Xbox, the newest version of video games from Microsoft, strengthen the idea that people loves playing games and the amusements gadgets not only target children but also adults. Unfortunately, we find that both movies and video games have been contaminated by sexual and violent contents. Some studies show that movie violence is more dangerous due to their popular nature and frequent exposure. A study by Craig A Anderson (2003) stated that there is relation between violent content on aggressive behavior and between the levels of violent displayed in games and the involvement of students in physical fights. Bibliography Anderson, Craig A. (2003). Violent Video Games: Myths, Facts and Unanswered Questions. Retrieved November 1, 2006 from apa. org/science/psa/sb-anderson. html Anderson, Craig A. (2003). The influence of Media Violence on Youth. Retrieved November 1, 2006 research. vt. edu/resmag/sc99/media_violence. html Dolak, Dave. (2006). Marketing Communications (Promotion) Mix. Retrieved November 2, 2006 from davedolak. com/promix. htm Gamingredients Playphoria. (2005). the Fall of SEGA. Retrieved November 11, 2006 from playphoria. com/features/history/thefallofsega/ Spong. (2006). Sony Ramps up PSP Advertising. . Retrieved November 2, 2006 from http://news. spong. com/article/9822? cb=814 Time Inc. 2005. A History of Video Game Consoles. time. com/time/covers/1101050523/console_timeline/

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Subject Boring

Subject Boring Here lately, Ive been running wide out with deadlines and tasks atop of sick relatives, surgery, a new puppy, and the ice storm from hell. That not only throws me in high gear, but it also makes me sort at a glance much like an agent. Sort what, you might ask? Emails, blogs to read, submissions for FundsforWriters, and requests for reviews. And you might be surprised at the key factor I use in deleting or holding to read. The quality of the subject line. Hey, when time is crazy limited, and I have chapters to write and newsletters to prepare, something has to give. Im a fast reader Yeah, that latter part sounds stupid, but that literally runs through my head. Will I regret having missed this? Butit has to start with the subject. Okay, lets talk about whats good and whats not. Ive snared these good ones from the past week. They got my attention and dragged me to their sites. How Much Should a Writer Charge for Speaking? How I Read Slush: 3 Lessons for Writers. 5 Ways to Add Humor to Your Writing. What doesnt work for me when Im in a pinch is general stuff like these. They tell me nothing. And unless the person being interviewed in the story is a huge household name, whats going to draw me in to read about an unknown? When writing about a relatively unknown individual, at least use the subject to spark interest. How to Write Better How to Build a Platform A Conversation with Novelist (fill in the blank) An Interview with (fill in the blank) A Visit with (fill in the blank) A Talk about Writing Rules On the line is something like: 3 Things I Wish I Knew Before I Published Three Is in the subject line tells me this piece is about the author, and not necessarily with focus on me and my needs. But I like learning about mistakes so I dont make them. This one is iffy. And if I happen to open up the piece, I scan first. Headers and subheaders then tell me whether to invest my time. Im not making this up! We read about this all the time. Agents, editors and publishers scan. They also have deadlines, sick relatives, surgery and snow. They have the same 24 hours as we do . . . and most of them actually have a life afterwards! So, after youve poured your heart and soul and deep intellect into a piece, whether its a blog post, a list post, or a submission, take serious time to title it skillfully. Think over-the-top wording because thats what captures a readers interest. If your subject doesnt snag them, they never get to read your beautiful words that follow.

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Function of Government in UAE Economy Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Function of Government in UAE Economy - Essay Example Since then, UAE has witnessed great transformation into a modern state economy with high quality of life for its citizens (Mankiw, 2011, p. 651). There are no doubts in the fact that much of the credit for the same goes to the government and the policymakers who undertook such policy actions and steps to facilitate growth, employment, trade and investment (Ghareeb & Abed, 2010, p. 36). Almost 8 percent of the proven oil reserves of the world are under the control of UAE making it the sixth largest oil rich country in the world (Sayan, 2009, p. 135). They used the wealth earned from oil exports to build a more diversified and sustainable economic structure for their citizens and spent excessively on their development of country’s human resource. This is one of the reasons that when political insurgency and waves of revolution were spreading all over the Middle Eastern region and Arab World, UAE remained relatively very stable (Rostin, 2011, p. 55). This paper is an attempt to e xplore the various economic policies that the UAE government has employed in the past, present, near future in order to create employment, boost GDP, investment, and growth, tackle inflation, and manage international trade. Discussion According to the figures from the year 2010, the population of UAE was just over 8.2 million people and only 15-20 percent of these people were UAE nationals of Emiratis and the rest being foreigners from different parts of the world. In fact, the country has the highest net migration rate in the world of over 23. Furthermore, it is expected by the end of the year 2020, Emiratis will only make up 10 percent of the total population of UAE (Rostin, 2011, p. 55). This decreasing proportion of locals and natives in the country has forced the policymakers to create an Emiratisation program the focus on which remains to employ UAE nationals in an efficient and meaningful manner in private and public sector (Devlin, 2010, p. 25). This is important because alt hough the presence of talented and skilful emigrants is boosting the GDP of the country and the foreign direct investment in increasing employment opportunities but the wealth generated by these people usually go to their home countries in form of remittances and very little of the same is spent within the country (Campbell, 2005, p. 36). Furthermore, the nationals of the country are usually less educated, less trained, and skilful thus making it troublesome for the employers to provide them with work, which explains why they only make up 0.5 percent of the total employment force in the private sector (Sayan, 2009, p. 135; Mallakh, 2009, pp. 250-252). In order to solve this program, the government has enforced rules for corporations and companies to employ a certain percentage of UAE nationals. Moreover, the spending on the government on education and employee training is also increasing so that more and more Emiratis could take up jobs on merit in the future and the country could g ather a pool of business leaders for tomorrow (Gorgenlander, 2011, p. 205; Rostin, 2011, p. 55). Another important step taken by the authorities of UAE to facilitate investment, which would in turn create employment and boost GDP, was the creation of free trade zones. The country has over 20 free trade zones, Dubai Media City, Abu Dhabi Airport Free Zone, Dubai International Financial Centre, Dubai Car and Automotive City Free Zone and Khalifa Port and Industrial Zone

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Black Art Movement and the Harlem Renaissance Essay

Black Art Movement and the Harlem Renaissance - Essay Example At this period, there was also an interest being formed for jazz music with many white Americans that enjoyed the new sounds of lyrical black expression. One notable writer from this Harlem Renaissance period was Henry Dumas, who wrote a collection of short stories that described the efforts of different civil rights activists to describing the â€Å"lethal strength of a sax solo†, in order to celebrate the African-American spirit and movement toward liberation as a culture. Another novelist, Amiri Baraka, helped to build Black Dialogue, a publication facility that supported black arts. In his poetry, which was considered very risquà © during the Harlem Renaissance, he spoke of â€Å"fists beating niggers out of jocks or setting fire and death to whities ass† as a means to show African-American defiance against racial intolerance. It is poetry like this that often caused social uprising in different black social groups and reminded them that they were still an oppresse d people, therefore inspiring the next generation of blacks to explore artistry as a means to help in the cause for civil rights. The black arts movement involved many different African-American artists that often used their creative expression and poetry to influence others to reconsider their role in broader, White society. It is likely that without these historical figures, prominent leaders like Martin Luther King, Jr. and Malcolm X would not have been inspired to use peaceful protest that marks the current state of liberation.

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Jarroc as a Betrayer Essay example -- Star Trek Defecting Essays Paper

Jarroc as a Betrayer Defection is a word which Americans have been taught to fear, from the days of Joseph McCarthy to Moscow on the Hudson. In our collective consciousness, we viewed defectors as both fascinating and repellent. Defectors from outside the convivial allied sphere of North America and Western Europe--persons from those Communist places, especially--served a useful purpose because of what inside knowledge they held, and at the same time frightened us because they carried the taint of the traitor, and the strange, cold foreignness of the "other side". The "other side," if not monitored closely, was coming to bomb us all, and break the world as we knew it. Defectors from the United States, on the other hand, had no redeeming qualities. They were those who had sold their own souls, traitors agreeing to spill the closely guarded secrets which would keep us safe from the Enemy to the enemies themselves! By the nature of the act, defection was inexorably intertwined with national betrayal. (I use the terms "betrayer" and "traitor" interchangeably, since they are synonymous in meaning. A traitor is one who has betrayed.) American defectors were the worst possible kinds of criminals, and worthy recipients of the death penalty. Yet then, as now and in all times, there are a myriad of contexts in which any given situation can be considered and defection, like most things, is a crime to some and an honorable act of conscience to others.Who is the ultimate judge of such actions? What determines which context the acts truly fall in? During the Cold War, when a Soviet defected, it was viewed very differently by officials in his own country than it was here. In the U.S.S.R, he... ... it for nothing," he whispers bitterly. "My home, my family....all for nothing." (12/30/89) Jarroc commits suicide rather than live with the pain of this stigma. Is Jarroc then a hero, or a defector-betrayer? He must necessarily be both. There is no sidestepping the role in which Romulan history will pigeonhole him, and no denying the reasons they have to do so. Yet among those persons in the Federation who knew his true reasons for divulging the information, he was a man of great courage. As Jarroc himself noted, '"One world's butcher is another world's hero." The same thing could also be said of the defector. Works Cited Smith, Greg. Interchange on The Defector. Interchange. 30 January 1996. Roget's II: The New Thesaurus. Houghton Mifflin, Boston: 1988.. "The Defector." Star Trek: The Next Generation. Season 3, Episode 58.

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Main Themes in a Farewell to Arms Essay

Written in 1929 by Ernest Hemingway, A Farewell to Arms has always been considered a classic piece of literature. A major source of the novel’s success is how its themes tied into real life experiences during the First World War. While soldiers of the war fought for their country, they searched for love to escape total chaos and destruction. The two main themes in A Farewell to Arms are the gruesome reality of war and the relationship between love and pain. The first main theme of A Farewell to Arms is the devastation that war brings. Just as the title explains, A Farewell to Arms deals primarily with the process by which the protagonist, Frederic Henry, disconnects himself from the war and leaves it behind. While there are a few characters in the novel who actually support the effort, such as Ettore Moretti, a majority of the characters remain uncertain about the war, angry of the complete devastation it causes, and unconvinced of the splendor it supposedly brings. For example, while Henry and Passini discuss the war, Henry says, â€Å"I believe we should get the war over†¦ It would not finish if one side stopped fighting. It would only be worse if we stopped fighting† (Chapter 9, Page 49). The second main theme of the novel is the connection between love and pain. While the war takes place, Hemingway depicts the true, mysterious behavior of love. Although Catherine mourns for her dead fiance, she quickly begins to seduce Henry. Her intentions for courting Henry are obvious, that is she wants to separate herself from the pain of losing her fiance by finding a new love to fill the void. Likewise, Henry attempts to distance himself from the war as much as possible. By doing so, Henry and Catherine find comfort within each other from the dilemmas that surround them. Just like they fell in love with each other, Henry’s feelings for Catherine pass just as quickly as he witnesses her death. As he gives farewell to Catherine’s body, Henry says, â€Å"But after I got them to leave and shut the door and turned off the light it wasn’t any good. It was like saying good-by to a statue. After a while I went out and left the hospital and walked back to  the hotel in the rain† (Chapter 41, Page 332). Although Henry and Catherine genuinely loved each other, Henry’s heart is now void without the companionship of Catherine. The tragedy of A Farewell to Arms is that their love, although authentic, can never be more than temporary. In my opinion, I enjoyed this novel for a few reasons. First, A Farewell to Arms is a semi-autobiography about Hemingway and his time fighting in the Italian campaigns during World War I. Secondly, the novel is able to give perspective of the troubles and triumphs of those soldiers that fought during the war. Finally, the mysterious love that Henry and Catherine have for each other proved to be interesting and unusual. In conclusion, A Farewell to Arms proved to be a masterpiece in my opinion. While addressing the struggles and feats of those soldiers who fought during World War I, we are able to dive into the conscious of a unique fighter who parts himself from the war as much as possible while trying to find true love, even though the reasoning behind finding love was only to help escape from the war.

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Essay on The Development of Afro-Brazilian Religions

The origin of Afro Brazilian religions is traced back to the Atlantic slave trade that took place in the 16th century . Portuguese people captured individuals from Bantu tribes and the other West African communities. The slave trade involved the transfer of these people to Brazil, where they were sold as slaves. The interaction of slaves from different cultural and religious backgrounds led to the development of the Afro Brazilian religions that consequently spread all over Brazil. The religions did not; however, develop at once since they faced opposition from the then government that recognized the Roman Catholic as the only religion in Brazil. Attempts by Africans to worship in their own culture were counteracted until in 1824 when the†¦show more content†¦The slaves were therefore regarded as more educated than their masters due to their ability to read and write in Arabic. The slaves were transported to Bahia, a town in Brazil, where they provided labor for the Brazilia ns . The Bantu slaves were mainly drawn from the Congo and Angola where they survived as agriculturalists before they were captured and sold as slaves. The slaves were sold to Brazil to work in the large sugar plantations. Candomblà © This is a traditional Brazil religion practiced by the Africans communities living there . The dance was performed to appease their gods. It is done in traditional styles derived from the Yoruba and Bantu traditions. The songs and dances were developed by African priests who were traded as slaves. The priests had strong African beliefs and had gained great experience on the task thus they could easily influence more followers. The religion had no formal scripture and the priests used the word of mouth to pass their message to their congregations. The believers were followers of a god by the name Oludumarà © who they asserted was their creator. The oludumare has his servants called the Orishas. The Orishas are in every person and every Orisha is assigned an individual to offer protection. The believers organize a number of ceremonies each year to commemorate some important events. In the ceremonies, Candomblà © songs fill the air. The believers also offer offerings to theirShow More RelatedBrazil And Its Impact On America1872 Words   |  8 Pagestoday, just 125 years after slavery was abolished, Brazil is still struggling with a form of control - sex trafficking. The African Diaspora has created a large culture of African-Brazilians in Brazil. Many Africans did not forget their rich roots of Africa and brought their culture with them. The way they cooked, the religion that they practiced, the songs they sang and how they spoke were deeply embedded. Brazil was a prime area for the coerced migration of black people during the period during theRead MoreBrazil : A Country Of South America Essay963 Words   |  4 Pagesthese forests, dubbed the â€Å"Lungs of the World† for the Oxygen that they produce, are being torn down for timber, development and agriculture. When a tree is cut down, it releases the Carbon Dioxide as a greenhouse gas, which increases the risk of climate change.† ( Also air pollution has went up in the past years because of the quick urbanization and industrial development taking place in the cities. Brazil also undergoes land degradation and water pollution because of improper miningRead MoreAnalysis Of Brazil s The Flag Of Brazil Essay1471 Words   |  6 Pagescountry is an ideal place to come and visit all year round. Country Flag The flag of Brazil was officially adopted November 1889 by Raimundo Teixeira Mendes. It was to be depicted as a starry sky above a Rio on November 15, 1889, the day that the Brazilian Republic was officially declared. The flag is green to represent the many beautiful fields that Brazil offers. The large yellow diamond represents Brazil’s wealth, and the blue globe has a total of 26 stars on it to represent each state and the FederalRead MoreDiscussion Board 41230 Words   |  5 Pagestobacco, indigo, and sugar. What part did racism play in the treatment of the enslaved Africans? The enslave Africans were not seen as people and therefore they were treated harshly. They were only seen as profitable property. There culture and religion were all ignored. By what means did African American slaves seek survival and liberations? African American slaves sought survival and liberation by escaping from the plantation and setting up their own colony in hard to navigate areas suchRead MoreCultural Changes From The 1960 S1273 Words   |  6 PagesKottak has visited the small village of Arembepe numerous times over the years. His visits were frequent, but spaced out over a couple years, which caused him to begin to notice some very dramatic changes from the Arembepe he came to know. The development of a more stratified society caused for some major changes coming to the small community. This essay is going to address the major cultural changes from the 1960’s to the 1980’s and whether or not the suburbanization of this village community wasRead MoreThe Influence of External Forces On Latin American Communities 1972 Words   |  8 Pagesthese forces is pervasive. This holds true in communities worldwide, including two in Latin America – Felicidade Eterna, Brazil and Sonqo, Peru. Donna Goldst ein’s ethnography on Felicidade Eterna, Laughter Out of Place, demonstrates how life in a Brazilian shantytown is the direct result of a wide variety of external forces, such as history, government policies, and the class system. In the ethnography The Hold Life Has, Catherine Allen shows how no community is impenetrable to the influence of outsideRead MoreAfrican Slavery And The Slave Trade Essay1795 Words   |  8 PagesBrazil Similarly in Brazil, the black Africans and their off springs since the 17th century were slaves. Their contribution to the building of Brazil since the very infancy of the colonial period is immeasurable and the few African aspects in the Brazilian society and even civilization are still untouched. The Portuguese were quite involved in the Atlantic slave trade through which 10-15 million Africans were transported to the European colonies in America. Over 3.5 million were transmitted to BrazilRead MoreThe Atlantic System and Africa2105 Words   |  9 Pagesintroduced sugar-cane cultivation into the West Indies shortly after 1500 but did not do  much else toward the further development of  the islands. After 1600 the French and  English developed colonies based on tobacco cultivation. * 20. Tobacco consumption became popular in England in the early 1600s. Tobacco  production in the West Indies was  stimulated by two new  developments: the formation of chartered companies and the availability of cheap  labor in the form of European indentured servants. Read MoreBrazil and Mexico Comparative Analysis Essay6071 Words   |  25 PagesTable of Contents INTRODUCTION 2 BRAZIL 2 Political Analysis 3 Cultural Analysis 4 Economic Analysis 7 MEXICO 9 Political Analysis 10 Cultural Analysis 11 Economic Analysis 14 COMPARATIVE ANALYSIS 17 Recommendation 18 BRAZILIAN STEEL INDUSTRY 18 IMPLEMENTATION 19 REFERENCES 21 APPENDIX 24 INTRODUCTION Brazil and Mexico are two emerging markets that are becoming increasingly prevalent and influential on the international stage. These nations share many similarities. Both are newlyRead MoreBrazil Culture17445 Words   |  70 Pages The Brazilians are friendly and helpful people. While we were doing this research we enjoyed very much. We hope you will enjoy and learn useful information about Brazil. We hope you will work with Brazilians and those informations will be very useful for you. Brazilian economy is developing from day to day and it performs very effective economical programs. In recent years Brazilian economy has trade surplus and in 2006 Brazil paid all debts to IMF. With those economic developments Brazil will